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Virginia Must Continue Expanding Renewables

Virginia cannot afford to sit on the sideline as opportunities to create cheaper and more secure energy – and a brighter economic future for ratepayers – pass us by. The Commonwealth has the unique opportunity to generate a greater amount of renewable energy at a more efficient rate and at a lower cost than the majority of states by expanding energy sources to include renewable energy production, such as solar and wind. Virginia is being left behind: At the end of 2019, Virginia had only 843.22 MW of solar energy installed across the Commonwealth. Maryland had 1,160.03 MW and North Carolina had 5,662.26 MW.

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Better Renewable Energy Choices for Virginia

Virginia can diversify its energy sources to yield lower energy rates, increase reliability and protect energy access and production. The only way to make that happen is by changing laws and regulations. Powered by Facts is designed to share information about VA renewable energy, how laws and regulations in Virginia limit energy choices and to share ideas about how you can influence change in the Commonwealth.

Energy Diversification Makes Dollars and Sense

Many think that renewable energy is more expensive than natural gas or other conventional sources, but, truthfully, it is frequently cheaper than non-renewable energy for both ratepayers and utility companies.

Distributed renewable energy generation is even less expensive when utilities don’t build the production facilities themselves, because the construction costs of these facilities are borne by individuals and entities other than the utility’s ratepayers.

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Historically a leader in energy production, policies and electricity prices, the Commonwealth of Virginia is lagging behind. By welcoming distributed renewable energy, which is more cost effective and reliable, other states are realizing an influx of jobs and other benefits that accompany this rapidly growing industry.

It's time to act.

Join the Powered by Facts community to educate yourself about how utilities and power grids work and what technological options are now available. Second, support legislation that gives you cheaper, safer and more reliable options.

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